Angry Sky Wizard is Peeved at You

Overcome the destructive creator of this world with one easy trick! Find out how in our After Dark podcast with Bishops Lainie and Ken and special guests Father Tony and Jonathan Stewart.  We discuss many topics such as: how becoming more aware and awake can change EVERYTHING,  the reality and unreality of an angry sky wizard, and peeling off the symbolic layers of the Demiurge.

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3 thoughts on “Angry Sky Wizard is Peeved at You”

  1. Lainie was on the mark in part one, 3.40 to 5.40, Gnosticism is the liberation of ‘humanity'(individual spirit) by overcoming our submission to ‘the forces’ keeping us in this physical realm ? Please correct if my understanding of those two minutes is wrong.

    Leonard Cohen song line ” You are locked into your suffering and your pleasures are the seal ”.

    So what keeps you ‘bound’ into this realm ?
    Is it ‘ignorance of our true state’ that is forced on us by this Demiurge and its agents ?
    I’m Homer Simpson and live only for pleasure ?
    Again, what stops you leaving the Kenoma ?

    For myself, the soul is a literal agent of the Demiurge which keeps my Spirit feeble ; it is my gaoler/jailer. Duality rears its presence again for there is a second realm (a parallel realm) in which dwell the Spirit and soul and I can only but suspect also the Demiurge ; perhaps you visit it occasionally by enchanting the soul. It is here that true living takes place ; where You will become aware, then enlightenment starts to develop and finally you rise up liberated from the Demiurge’s influence. That is my Demiurge, the Governor of this prison zoo in the ‘parallel realm’ and the maintainer even perhaps creator of the physical realm.

    Gurdjieff, to me, offers a multiplex of routes to enchanting the soul, all lifted from other traditions and amalgamated into the Fourth Way/Ouspensky documented.

    Sounds far fetched ? I hope one of us reaches the Pleroma.

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