Learning to Walk

I (Fr. Tony) messed up the audio for the video show, so this podcast covers all of that and more. The topic is the Gospel of Thomas logion 16: (16) Jesus said: Perhaps men think that I am come to cast peace upon the world; and they do not know that I am come to cast dissensions upon the earth, fire, sword, war. For there will be five who are in a house; three shall be against two and two against three, the father against the son and the son against the father, and they shall stand as solitaries.

3 thoughts on “Learning to Walk”

  1. My view is, the house is you,and the 5 would be your body,mind,emotions,intuitions-and your Self with a capital S. He’s describing the process of integrating all of the warring impulses in order to stand as one with the father- your Christ within. Jung, anyone? And certainly the process involves burning and cutting and conflict, no? It is the Bridal Chamber scene. So now-which 3, which 2? Your turn.

  2. Perhaps, Jesus was saying ; I have come here to arouse within Yourself a conflict, and I shall communicate to you through two of your five senses. Through sight and sound in dream vision, I shall inform you of how to escape the earthly bondage that you are unknowingly in. The other three senses will try and bring you back to re-integrate you into the Kenoma ; this is the firesword war. Thus, you have three against two. Hinted at by Tony around 25mins.
    Know that you are the alien Son and that you are not of this Father’s world ; here you must stand alone and oppose the Father.
    Thus, we have father against son.

    If you adopt too well the ways of this world you become, ‘a son of the house’ and forget your ‘alien’ origin ; know thyself Gnostic.

    Jesus said, I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick …….. and guess what ? I’m all out of bubble gum. Jesus (They Live) Lives, haha.

    1. Know what You are : You have been assigned a body of lifeless clay and a soul which is blind and deaf. The soul animates the dead body. You are not these, you are a Spirit, so stop identifying with the body/soul to start the awakening process. It is absurd for a Spirit to be linked to a stinking prison cell which is housed in another ‘chicken coop cell’ from which it crawls back and forth and around an around ; so cruel for a once free Spirit. Contemplate on the absurd nature of ”this life” for which you take as ”normal”.
      The soul is like a giant, parasitic spider which binds and paralyses the Spirit for its own enhancement, similar to the Golem of Prague principal and the nightmare myth. Perhaps the creator god is really blind and deaf, as the body/soul is in its image ? Those awakened Spirits now have eye/s and ears to understand ; as Thomas writes in his Gospel.
      Jesus, your twin Spirit, will help reignite the ‘Fire/Light’ within you to literally light up the darkness in which we dwell, ( logion 26 is as good as literal) at first you are so feeble that that light is still dim and difficult to scan to see where You are. This is my personal experience and please do not contact the ‘white coats’, thank you.
      Then, there is the ‘Sword’ to ‘sever’ the ties that bind you to the soul. We now have this ‘Fire- Sword’ conflict against the fleshy pleasures of smell,taste and touch and the ten plagues of Egypt to bind you to this dead world of matter. This severing by the Spirit is the notion of ”not clinging or letting go”, not identifying with the world of matter and soulful aspirations.
      Know what you are and begin the process to free yourself.
      Oops, prattled on again, here ends my preachy feedback comments ; apart from, never surrender but liberate the ‘Observing I’ ; that is who You are. The out of body ‘I’. Bubble gum is bad for you.

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