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  1. John DiGilio nailed it first time ; if Jesus is ineffable then what he is like is ‘unknowable’ ; so what are the three things told to Thomas ?
    Perhaps :
    1) Simon Peter is a figment of your imagination Thomas.
    2) Matthew is a figment of your imagination Thomas.
    3) Thomas, only you are real and have Gnosis ; for you have drunk from the bubbling spring.
    Now if Simon and Matthew try to prove to Thomas they are real, Thomas can just ”burn” them out of his ‘mind’ ; they are ghostly figments or imaginary I’s.
    Perhaps, the GOT is just a teaching conversation between Jesus and Thomas ; ‘the disciples’ are merely convenient ‘disposables’ to be used as and when necessary as examples of what not to be.
    Thomas has a meaning of ‘Twin’ ; so perhaps, our Spiritual Twin, also goes by the name of Jesus (The Ineffable).
    The Gospel of the Twins : Thomas and Jesus.

  2. Just viewed your first GOT (Logion 1) talk ; some great insights were highlighted by Thomas L. They might have been seeded into me subconsciously when I first listened to the talk a couple of weeks after your posting of said talk ; so long ago.
    Thomas L. has a relaxed talking style and a wide range of knowledge ; it’s a pity that he only did so few Logions.
    T.L. mentions the twinning of twins in Logion 1 talk …. the use of Didymos and Thomas, seems to be an over emphasis or knock, knock wake-up call to demonstrate our split nature which can be reversed or overcome in this existence ; hence the purpose of the GOT is to inspire us to : not give up seeking ….
    Sorry if this appears off topic, but it’s really a follow on from my last comment above, that nothing is new ; only rediscovered.

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